Olivier Rousselle


Chef Olivier is the Executive Chef of Luxe Hotels (Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel and Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel.) Chef Olivier Rousselle

Olivier Rousselle grew up in Paris in a family with strong roots in Gascogne and the Bordeaux region. exposed from a young age to gastronomy, becoming a chef came as a natural passion.

After enrolling at culinary school in paris, olivier attended his first externship at age 16 in the heart of Gascogne under chef Bernard Ramouneda, member of “les Mousquetaires de Gascogne” along with world famous chef Andre Daguin.

After graduation, Olivier got his first job at a busy seafood bistro in paris where he experienced the fast paced environment of a traditional french brasserie. he also developed the will to travel that would take him to England the next year.  

Arriving in London, he crossed paths with chefs Keith Podmore and Keith Stanley both from the prestigious “Academie Culinaire de France” whose members include Paul Bocuse, Pierre Troisgros and some of the most renowned names in the culinary world. Olivier got to sharpen his skills and passion for food at boodle’s under chef Podmore ‘s guidance and in some of the oldest and most prestigious gentleman’s clubs in London, cooking on a regular basis for prince Charles, the queen mother and various members of the royal family.  

Fulfilling his dream of traveling, Olivier moved to South Africa’s wineland where fate brought him to “la Couronne” hotel and winery and award–winning European chef Peter Goffe-wood. sharing the same passion for food and wines, they took the hotel from its’ opening to instant world class status, rated one of “the 50 most exciting restaurants in the world” by conde nast traveler magazine (hot list 1999).   after coming back in some of the trendiest eateries in London's booming restaurant scene. Olivier decided it was time to experience California and moved to Santa Monica, working as Executive Chef at Michael's Restaurant for 4 years, extending a shared passion for the dining experience using what California has best to offer.  

Olivier has been at the Luxe Hotel for five years, at the Sunset location primarily and consulting at the rodeo drive property, applying his fine dining background to this busy boutique hotel, from bringing farm fresh, sustainable vision to the restaurant’s diners, running the wine program of an eclectic international selection to crafting personalized menus for weddings and special occasions.