Kei Hasegawa, Pastry Chef, Matsuhisa  

Pastry Chef Kei Hasegawa is currently in charge of pastries at Matsuhisa in Los Angeles, under the auspices of one of his mentors, Nobu Matsuhisa, who first metKei Hasegawa  Nobu Matsuhisa Beverly Hills Hasegawa when he began working for him in Japan nearly 10 years ago.   At Matsuhisa, Chef Hasegawa’s signature dishes, which he will share at Indulge LA, have earned accolades from both peers and patrons.     

Prior to his current role at Matsuhisa, Chef Hasegawa worked in numerous kitchens and pastry shops throughout the U.S. and Japan in such restaurants as Nobu Tokyo, Nobu West Hollywood, and Sashi in Manhattan Beach, to name a few.  

Chef Hasegawa began his career at an early age, growing up in Japan, where he developed a keen understanding of the subtle simplicities of traditional Japanese desserts, which ultimately served as the reference point for his unique and highly refined style of pastry.  When asked to describe his signature style, Hasegawa says “my pastries are traditionally French with a Japanese twist.  By integrating traditional Japanese ingredients in my creations, I am able to share the rich history of my ancestors through my pastries and hopefully give people an experience they will never forget.”